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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Carmen Galasso

Italy Fitness Legend
Italian Championship 2004 1st
European Championship 2004 1st
World Championship 2004 2nd
Universe Championship 2005 3rd
Universe 2006 Overall Winner

Kelly Gould Taylor

Amazing Fitness competitor & trainer
Fitness Florida 2005 1st
Tropical Bikini Contest 2006 2nd
Fitness Universe 2006 8th
Bikini Universe 2007 3rd
Bikini Fitness Florida 2009 1st
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Arina Manta

International Romanian fitness champion

IFBB Miss Fitness Victoria 2001 1st
IFBB Miss Fitness Australia 2001 4th
IFBB Miss Fitness Australia 2002 - 3rd
IFBB Fitness New South Wales 2003 - 1st
IFBB Tournament of Champions 2007 10th
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